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allevamenti chow chow

Da qualche anno ho introdotto nel mio allevamento anche la Varietà a Pelo corto .I parametri dello standard sono identici  al pelo lungo,le uniche differenze sono nella lunghezza del pelo ,che nei soggetti a pelo corto non deve mai superare i 3,5 centimetri i soggetti a pelo corto hanno manto fitto,eretto e felpato. Il chow chow a pelo corto può essere accoppiato con soggetti a pelo lungo generando cuccioli interamente a pelo corto, cuccioli totalmente a pelo lungo o come quasi sovente accade cuccioli a pelo corto e cuccioli a pelo lungo all'interno della stessa cucciolata.Allevare il pelo corto e una grandissima passione ,senza mai volere essere ne primo o secondo a nessuno come già precedentemente raccontato nella mia storia é da quando ho 16 anni che allevo chow chow con l'introduzione del pelo corto è stata solo una grande gioia e soddisfazione. Qui di seguito dei brevi cenni sulla varietà a pelo corto  da parte di 3 allevatori e amiche che con grande onore hanno contribuito ad arricchire questa pagina dedicata a questa varieta poco conosciuta e da qualche anno introdotta nel nostro paese.Grazie di cuore a Birgit Dammann (Bisachows Kennel- Danimarca) , Charlotte  Norskov Jensen( Norskov Kennel -Danimarca) Marit Gasbakk (Chengtus Kennel- Norvegia)

For some years I have introduced in my kennel also the Variety smooth. The parameters of the standard are equal to the rough, the only differences are in the length of the hair, which in subjects smooth must never exceed 3.5 cm the short-haired subjects have dense, erect and plush coat. The chow chow smooth can be coupled with rough subjects generating entirely smooth puppies, puppies totally in rough or as almost often happens puppies in smooth and rough puppies inside the same litter. To breed smooth and a great passion, without ever wanting to be first or second to none as previously told in my story is since I was 16 years old that I raise chow chow with the introduction of short hair was just a great joy and satisfaction . Here follows the brief hints about the smooth variety by 3 breeders and friends who have contributed to enrich this page dedicated to this little known variety and introduced in our country for a few years. Thanks to Birgit Dammann (Bisachows Kennel) - Denmark), Charlotte Norskov Jensen (Norskov Kennel-Denmark) Marit Gasbakk (Chengtus Kennel- Norway)

allevamenti chow chow

From Birgit Damman Kennel Bidachow, DK. 
Smooth Chow

The first known registered smooth coated Chow Chow in Europe was presumably bred in England in 1892 from two imported dogs, and in 1929, the first smooth coated Chow Chow was registered in the Netherlands (Holland). In the 1970s, only few people took an interest in breeding the smooth Chow Chow,so it almost died out. Luckily, people have regained the interest in breeding the smooth Chow Chow, so presently it is bred all over the world.I have breed Chows since 1980, and in 1997, I breed the first smooth litter.
In June 1995, I picked up my first smooth Chow, Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine aka Holly, at Margaret Vickery,Kennel Brosscroft, England.She became Danish champion, Swedish champion, and Veteran champion.Her son, Bidachows A Smooth Aslan, has got the following titles; Danish champion, Swedish champion, VDH champion, and CAC champion as the first Danish made smooth Chow Chow dog.Her granddaughter, Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby, was the first Danish smooth Chow Chow girl with the titles Danish champion, Swedish champion, Norwegian champion, Nordic champion and International champion & VDHCH.
On September 24th, 2006, she became BOB in the Belgian Kennel Club’s 75th Anniversary Show, which saw no less than 108 Chow Chows. The judge was Bill Buell from the USA. At that time, we didn’t see many smooth Chows.
Kennel Bidachow has “made” serveral smooth Champions. But this could not be done without having a couple of really good breeding bitches to start with. Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine was the first smooth Chow,and Velvet Macy v. Juttersburch aka Macy (Tineke vd Heide-Das, NL) was the second smooth Chow in my kennel.
I have grandchildren and great grandchildren after these beautiful and very amazing bitches. My breeding is living in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherland and Germany.
My dream smooth Chow Chow will have a short coat, max. 3.5 cm - longest on the neck collar and pants. It must have a supreme coat quality, small hooks, and small ears. It should also have a beautiful scowl, no wrinkles, healthy eyes, and good breathing. Furthermore, it comes with a good color of the tongue and gums, typical Chow movements, and of course a wonderful temperament.
Here are Bidachows Gift from USA a very beautiful example of a Smooth Chow.


Bidachows Gift from Usa


Bidachows Gift from Usa

From Charlotte  Norskov Jensen - Kennel Norskov's , DK. 

Smooth Chow

The smooth Chow Chow.

The smooth Chow has always been in the shadow of the rough variant, and many people still do not know the smooth variety exists.  Within the last century, a few people have dedicated their lives to save and tell about the smooth variant.

This history of the smooth Chow Chow is based on the stories from breeders in Europe, who wanted to save the smooth variety from extinction.  Some of the breeders, who have shared their stories, are Janneke Leunissen-Rooseboom, of kennelBossche Front(still a very active breeder of smooth Chow Chows in the Netherlands), Laila Hovdal, of kennel Lohov in Norway, and also C.A. Veldhuis and Merilyn J. Morgan.

The first Chow Chows came to England, from China, in the 18th century, by ship. In letters from 1781, a certain Gilbert White, wrote about imported Chows from China. When shows wereorganized in England in 1859, the interest for Chinese breeds, including the Chow,began.

It is said, when the first Chows came to England, the number of smooths was pretty much the same as the number of rough coated Chows , and the appearance of the two varieties, at the time, was very similar. The smooth was nearly as common as the rough, and there was not a big difference between smooth and rough Chow Chows in type and coat, as this happened later on. At that time the Chow Chow standard describes the smooth as “identical to the rough, but with a shorter coat”.

In 1885 the first Chow Breed Club in England was organized, and in 1893 the Chow was registered in the KC.  The Chow standard was mostly based on Chow VIII, a red rough dog imported from China by Mrs. Bagshaw.

In 1910, Miss Ella Cassella, who moved back to England after living in East Asia for many years, began importing several smooth chows. Miss Ella got an outstanding smooth dog, Lun Tai, from a mandarin. It was said that the puppy was chosen from over 100 puppies, and later regarded by some people as the prototype of the original Chinese Chow Chow. 

A few smooth Chows won in the show ring in England, around 1900.  An imported smooth black bitch, Yumsie, won a CC in England in 1899, and a smooth red dog, Lun Tai, won his CC in 1901 with his owner Mr. W.R. Temple, but interest in the smooth faded slowly during the years that followed.

One reason for the smooth variant not having much success in the ring, was that the difference between the smooth and rough varieties wasbecoming more significant, in type and coat. The rough coated Chows got longer in coat and heavier in type, while the smooths stayed pretty much the same as the original. 

The smooth variety could not compete with the rough, who was more eye catching and impressive, and little by little, people lost their interest in the smooth Chow Chow. The smooth Chow could not, and still cannot, hide any faults with it’s coat, and if a smooth has any fault, it’s immediately apparent.

In the late 1930’s, one of the best smooths was a cream bitch named Velvet of Sare, who sadly produced only two smooth sons.  One of them was, Velvetson of Sare, and in 1939 she produced a second lovely boy, Great Westwood Cupid, owned by Mrs. Stanley Barratt,  This dog is presumed to be behind many of the smooth chows.

After World War II, there was an effort made by a few breeders in England and the Netherlands to preserve the smooth Chow. At that time some of the breeders were of the kennels, Penmoor, Penhow and Nitram. Most of the smooth Chows today are from those lines.

It was a difficult time in the post war years, when some of the breeders of smooths stopped breeding because of age anda lack of cooperation between breeders.  Additionally, there was a lack of effort to show or advertise the smooth Chow. The smooth Chow was very rare in the showring, and smooth puppies were hard to sell, so more and more breeders were only concentrating on the rough Chow Chow. Some of the breeders in England,at the time, were of the kennels Baytor and Ukwong.

In the 1980’s and 90’s, I saw enthusiasts of smooths write articles about trying to maintain the smooth variant and they hoped the interest for this variety would rise. In 1985 there was less than 100 smooth Chows in the world.  Thirty-two of them were living in the Netherlands, some in England, and a few in France, Germany and Switzerland.

In 1981, Prudence Baxter, of the kennel Tamarin, began the push to preserve the smooths in the United States, by importing two smooths from England.  The first was a male named Ukwong King Cole and the second was a bitch named Ukwong Velvet Touch. 1984, some of the breeders in the United States began,“The Society for the Preservation of the Smooth Chow Chow”, in an effort to save the variant,and by January of 1985 there were 25 Smooth Chows in the US, living in 13 kennels, with 5 of them having Championship points.

From time to time a smooth is born from two rough parents. In November 1981, the first smooth born out of two rough Chows (Kiut Bûrtsjingin`s Tsjagatai x Blåtungas Svarta Diva) was in the kennel Lohov, in Norway.  In the litter of 6 puppies was one smooth, a black boy, who was named Lohovs Fiasco and is behind most of the smooth Chows in Scandinavia today. Fiasco was a lovely boy, and got his Champion title in competition with the roughs.

As so many other Chow Chow lovers, I started with the rough variety and had no interest in getting a smooth Chow Chow.  In the beginning of 1990,I saw 5 - 6 smooth Chows in the showring in Denmark, but they did not stir any interest in me at the time. 

In 1996, I was looking for a new bitch to show and to breed. I contacted Monika Karlson, of the kennel Chowhill, in Sweden, who had a litter with both rough and smooth puppies (Lohovs Fiasco was the Great Grandfather). I was looking for a healthy show-dog, and Monika convinced me that a black smooth bitch was the best in the litter. I was now the owner of my first smooth Chow, Chowhills Dot One, and I’ve never regretted a moment since.

I admit, at first my eyes could not see if this smooth female had any show potential. I was used to Chows with a lot of coat. You have to learn to see the structure and expression in a smooth. This female blew me away with her personality; a real sweetheart in all ways, and she easily obtained her champion title. 

I have hopes for the smooth Chow in the future. In the last 20 years I have seen rising interestsin the smooth chow by breeders and people all over, so the future looks bright.  Both, rough and smooth coated Chows are equally important in the breed. The love is first of all to the Chow Chow.


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